Artycuts – Personalised Cupcake Wrappers

personalised cupcake wrappers

Artycuts - Personalised Cupcake Wrappers

Full Description

All our cupcake wrappers are cut and the designing process is unique.
All our designs are custom made and tailored to your specification whether it be design, size or colour, then every product is hand inspected to ensure our highest standards are achieved.
All of our wedding cupcake wrappers can be cut from any coloured card, and if you want to add that personalisation touch with shimmering foil embossing, all colours are available, providing it’s readily available and suitable for cutting,  the choice is yours.
Artycuts offers a totally bespoke and personalised service that you can rely on for that finishing “wow” factor.
If you’d like to know more, or just want to talk about the possibilities for your cupcake wrappers, please get in touch.


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