bare innocence

bare innocence

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bare innocence is an online retail store offering a hand picked and personally tested range of some of the world’s finest and purest natural and organic products such as body, face and hair care, aromatherapy products, gifts and much more. Many of the products are certified organic by the Soil Association and registered as Vegan with the Vegan Society.

bare innocence was created by Lucy and Gill, two friends sharing a common belief that in order to be truly healthy, the body must be in complete balance, mentally, physically and emotionally. In order to achieve this they are both passionate that everyone should feed and nurture their bodies with the most natural products available therefore reducing exposure to toxic chemicals.

The finest natural and organic products are sourced from around the world and offered via a safe and secure online retail store. Providing an enjoyable shopping experience with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

They are committed to only share products with customers that are truly natural and ethically sound; which can only enhance and enrich their lives. This means that there are no products in the organic collection that contain harmful chemicals.



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