Kappuke-ki Kidswear

Beautifully simple and simple beautiful children's clothes made in organic cotton, for children aged 1 to 5.

Kappuke-ki Kidswear

Full Description

Kappuke-ki kidswear design and make delightful children’s clothing.

Our aim is to create clothes which are fun to wear, easy to play in and provide elegant solutions to the problems of dressing little wiggly kids.
We have a range of simple, classic styles which are made in a fair trade factory in India from organic cotton.

We make pinnafore frocks, baggy pants, little waist coats and at the heart of our collection is our unique invention – the Kimonii.

It looks like a two piece but is an innovative one piece wrap around trouser suit, which is easy to slip on and easy to change little kids nappies.

They’re great for travel and provide ideal hot weather outfits as they’re an easy to use cover up in the sun.

The style is unisex, and we have colours for boys and girls.
And what does Kappuke-ki mean? It’s Japanese for cup-cake, and as our designs are influenced by traditional Japanese costume and each is a sweet, unique creation, we thought it was ideal! (Ca-pook-key)

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