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Mummas and Beans Camberley

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All of Mummas classes are down to earth, we don’t do ice breakers, cringey role play in our Antenatal Classes, and our baby Classes are inclusive of all and totally age appropriate.
Becoming a Mum is the most amazing thing you will do, but it is hard, we’ve all been through it, and we understand why and how it can be.
We support all births and parenting styles. Our Antenatal Classes are geared towards you if you are planning a CS or need a very managed labour, or indeed want a home water birth. Our tiny Baby Classes are all about you, we understand babies, but ultimately mum is the boss, our job is to help you find the right path. The classes are truly age appropriate and will grow with your baby.
As your baby gets older, our classes get more fun, they are repetitive, sensory & lively. The classes are designed to become safe and familar for you to both enjoy week on week through babies first year.
Mummas are passionate about supporting parents. We are totally without judgement, and offer educational yet fun classes, giving parents a platform to learn, as well as make the all important friend network.


Anna Kemsley

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