South Hill Designs

Wear what you love! Create unique jewelry that expresses your personal story.

South Hill Designs

Full Description

South Hill Designs is a new home-based party plan company preparing to launch in the United Kingdom! With our lockets and charms, share your personal story. Wear what you love!

We launched nationally in the United States on February 25th, 2013! We have consultants in the US, Puerto Rico, US Military Bases around the world, and in October, we opened CANADA!  I am excited to share style and inspiration with you as you tell your personal story with our lockets and charms!

Our mission is to bring joy, beauty, and freedom to as many women as possible.  We want to spread the news of South Hill Designs all across the globe because we KNOW that lives will be changed for the better.

Our passion is to enrich and empower the lives of our customers, hostesses and Independent Artists.  Isn’t it exciting?  Just think of the positive influence that you can have on your family and friends with South Hill Designs!



Debbie Kean

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