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The Book Mums

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We are the local link for Usborne Children’s Books in St Albans and nationally online.  A selection of Usborne titles are available in book shops but we offer the full list of over 2,000 titles.

Whether you are looking for fun, facts or fiction, you can ask us for advice on suitability and relevance.  Drop us a note of your email address to sign up for our monthly special offers.

If you love the books and would like to build your children’s library, earn a part-time income or build your own full-time business it is only £38 to join!  We would love to welcome you to our friendly team.


Lisa Nichols



  1. Phew! Drama averted. The link goes straight through to our main website now. (Trying to be too clever for myself earlier!) L x

  2. Having a minor melt-down with my WordPress site this week! Although the landing page currently looks pants, there is some great stuff if you click on Browse and Buy Online link :o ) L x

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