UltraSlim Clinics, Wolverhampton

Target Fat, Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Skin Tightening with Ultrasonic Lipo & Ultrasound Cavitation

UltraSlim Clinics, Wolverhampton

Full Description

Ultrasonic Lipo or Ultrasound Cavitation is the most effective non-surgical weight loss treatment available on the market today. By utilising the latest in modern technology, inches can be lost off any given area of the body with a short, simple treatment administered in a comfortable, relaxed environment.
Our Non-Surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction makes losing inches from areas of your body such as your belly, hips, arms, legs and back easy! Those stubborn fatty areas of your body you would like to change will become flatter and firmer, in as few as 3 sessions of completely painless Ultrasonic Cavitation.
You will be massaged with ultrasound, twice a week, by our qualified, experienced consultants, ensuring you are looking and feeling fabulous! We use Ultrasound technology similar to the kind used to carry out baby scans in hospitals, we even use the same gel. We use the latest 3 Head technology including Cavitation Head, Multipolar RF Head and the new Vacuum Bipolar Head to provide the maximum results available in this market. During the painless therapy all you will feel is a nice, warm sensation. This warm sensation is the fat turning to liquid and beginning to drain from your body.



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