We make it EASY 2 Send Cards!

We make it EASY 2 Send Cards!

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Do you ever go to the store to buy a paper greeting card or a gift?  If you do… read on!  Most people don’t send as many cards because of 3 reasons:  1) it’s too time consuming,  2) cards cost too much and 3) most times, people forget!

When you need to send a card to someone, go online to Easy 2 Send Cards where you’ll find 15,000 cards in 150 different categories. Or, make your own card out of a digital picture, which could be your business card image, company logo or any type of image or photo. You can upload a bunch of pictures inside of the card, too. How cool is that!

 All you do is choose your card, write your personal message, and click “SEND”!  That’s it!! Easy 2 Send Cards then prints, addresses, stuffs, and stamps the card with a real first-class stamp and mails it for you at the Post Office, all for about a dollar. You never touch a piece of paper, printer, stamp or envelope or have to drive to the card store or post office. Send one card at a time, or hundreds of the same card with a single mouse click. All this for a FRACTION of the cost you’re used to spending at the store!
The system even reminds you when someone’s birthday is coming up … 2 weeks ahead of time … so you’ll actually get a card sent to them on time.  All right from where you’re sitting now!
Easy 2 Send Cards also has a corporate gift service, where you can include a Gift Card or send a Gift with your personalized card.  Oh, and did I mention that the card can be written in your own handwriting font and signed with your own signature, to make your cards even MORE personal?

The entire system is available FREE OF CHARGE — all you have to do is purchase cards & gifts, either on a subscription plan ($9.80/month gets you 10 cards) or our “Pay as you Go” option.Try it for free TODAY – sample accounts are available by visiting the website and clicking on “Send a FREE card”.  Watch the 3-minute video on that site first for a brief overview of how it works!


Barbara Duran


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