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It’s said that you only have seconds to create a first impression. What are you doing with those seconds?


Whiteacres will take you through a five step process to ensure that your brand creates the first impression that you want it to have, whether this is through a business card, website, social media, brochure, leaflet or email signature.

This process ensures that your branding is effective, authentic and attractive. Your brand should convey your brand message to the right people at every touchpoint – creating the feelings, memories and associations that fit with your business and attract buyers.

You can find out more about the process here.

Services include:

  • Branding and logo design
  • Design for print – brochures, leaflets, stationery,  banners
  • Design for online – websites, social media graphics
  • Illustration

“Amy is a creative master of her craft, from the very first meeting about the concepts for my logo she strove to get to know my very core so she could come up with designs which would say everything about my personality before you met me. Amy took steps to immerse herself in my world to make the logo as brilliant and unique as absolutely possible. At every stage the consultation was a delight. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough for her graphic design work and when you tie that in with the fact that she is utterly delightful to deal with, quirky, warm and always thoroughly cheerful it makes the process of business an absolute joy and pleasure.” Mandy Charlton, Mandy Charlton Photography

“I first hired Amy to produce some promotional postcards. The results were of such high quality & delivered so quickly I was stunned at the very reasonable cost. It really felt like I was her most important client despite it being such a small job. Its always a joy & a pleasure to work with Amy, not least because she is a designer who just understands & gets it!
Thanks Amy.” Mark Starford, Chartered Architect.


Whiteacres also offers the Branding Toolbox, an online programme to help you to create your brand yourself, with expert help and support on hand. This is perfect for you if you like to be in complete control of everything, if you’re interested in doing this yourself – and doing it well – or if you’re just not quite ready to hire a designer yet. Find out more here.

 ”I worked with Amy to create a new logo, brand identity and website for my cloth nappy business. Amy really spent time understanding my brand, even trying the nappies on her daughter! The result was a fantastic brand identity and logo and a beautiful website. I highly recommend her for all your design needs!” Aggie Maxwell, Grow up Green

“Amy is one of the best designers I’ve come across, her work ethics are superb, the quality of her work is fantastic. I can guarantee Amy will certainly over deliver on every project. I’m a very happy customer and would recommend Amy and Whiteacres design to anyone. Thanks Amy.” Paul Wakefield, Wakefield Group

“Amy has provided an outstanding level of service whenever we’ve engaged her to carry out design work for our company. Her grasp of what we are about, and how to produce work that maintains our brand identity, is second to none. We really can’t recommend her highly enough :-) Martin Kitching, Northern Experience Wildlife Tours




Amy Purdie

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