Wish Upon A Party Northampton

We provide imaginative, theatrical and beautifully created themed entertainment for every occasion.

Wish Upon A Party Northampton

Full Description

Wish Upon A Party is a company built on creating beautiful birthday memories for children of all ages. We know how important it is to make sure that your child’s special day runs as smoothly and as easily as possible, so that all of the family is able to celebrate and join in the fun!
Looking back to our own memories of Birthday Parties as children, we remember the excitement of waiting for friends to arrive, the magic of blowing out candles, and the joy of party games, prizes and presents! These moments are as important to us now, as they were back then…
The beautiful, unique and theatrical parties that Wish Upon A Party offer were created with a fusion of skills and experience – Theatrical background and training, teaching and workshop leading, nannying and childcare, and of course a love of all things magical!
All of our entertainers are professionally trained Actors or Actresses or have experience working with Children to a professional level, and all have CRB checks and Public Liabilty insurance.


Simon Kendall


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