100% profit to orphaned and abandoned children around the world


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Our offering is unique – customers buy a beautiful product and in doing so know they have helped other babies in need.
We donate 100% of our profit to the charity SOS Children, who help orphaned and abandoned babies to live, be loved and cared for, in dedicated children’s villages.
Our online shop sells chic and stylish organic baby clothes, including great labels such as Red Urchin and Organics for Kids. But instead of profits going to shareholders, 100% of profit goes to helping children in desperate need.
Our philosophy is that all babies should have a fair start in life – no matter where they are born. As the founder, Cecilia Crossley, says: “If you can buy beautiful baby clothes and know all the profit is helping a baby in need, why would you buy anywhere else? Mums everywhere can join in and feel great!”
A registered charity and accredited social enterprise, we are already helping our first baby, a 12 month old in Guinea, West Africa. We are also using the profit to help build and run nurseries in the villages, the first in Chipata, Zambia, where 1 in every 6 children is orphaned or abandoned.
Buy and enjoy a gorgeous product AND enjoy knowing you’ve helped a vulnerable baby elsewhere – there’s double benefit and double satisfaction!


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