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YoYo-Me offers a range of creative learning products designed with the intention of giving kids something to do and create.
YoYo-Me came about from a desire to pass on the fun friends and creators Aimee and Louise had messing around with colouring pencils and paper when they were young – and partly realising that lots of parents feel, like them, that they want to encourage their children to develop their imaginations, just like they did instead of being glued to the tv or computer! With a background in fashion design, Aimee longed to get back to original drawing while Lou has her own production line in the shape of two small boys to keep her busy.
They have designed a range of exciting and unique products based around their YoYo-Me ABC characters — including giant doodle pads which are perfect for the kitchen table,reward charts to encourage top-notch behaviour, alphabet posters which look stunning on a childs bedroom or nursery wall and bespoke nursery pictures featuring their characters and embellished with handmade felt applique letters.
They have loved designing and creating their products and hope you will enjoy them as much as they do!
We offer a range of products for all budgets and age ranges. And best of all our activity boxes wouldn’t look out of place on any top table.


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