Personal Training, Fatblast, MumEnergise, Fit2Run

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Personal Training, Fatblast, MumEnergise, Fit2Run

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I offer one-2-one training sessions for those who require personal attention to get the most out of their training sessions.  I currently offer this service within Kent and its environs.  My sessions are based on your abilities so do not fear! I will take you through your routines at a pace you can manage. One-2-One sessions are great if you need a little bit of motivation or someone to help you through your paces. Join up with a friend and pay less for the same great workout.
Feeing run down and ready to drop?  I have got just what you need.  A 15-20 minute one2one or group exercise session organised by you and your pals.  I can come to your group meeting or home to show you a few paces to help you get fit and sparkle, burn fat, re-energise and build your confidence.
Fit2Run beginners course
Do you want to build cardiovascular endurance and stamina?
Ready to tone your body and find that young looking woman again?
Are you training for a fun 5K or 10K race?
Or you just want to build up from walking to jogging?
Then join Fit2Run where you would find a group of women from all walks of life with one common goal…get a great workout whilst having fun!!!
If you have taken a break from running or you are a complete beginner then this class is for you. People that get support find it easier to maintain their fitness regime.  Don’t go it alone only to fall at the next hurdle.
8 Weeks Beginners Session
The eight week sessions will help you develop the right  mental attitude, combat procrastination and boost your confidence to achieve your goals.  Each week involves specific techniques to ensure you are injury free and achieve great results.  Join us for a taster session and see how  good you will feel afterwards.
Fit2Run Classes
Whether in a group or 1-2-1 sessions I will motivate and train you to get you to the next level of your healthy lifestyle.  Slow Walks to Power Walks, Walks to Walk/Jog or Walk/Jog to a continuous 30 minutes jog.  I will motivate and help you reach your target.  There is no limit to what we can achieve so  Let’s GO!
Join our welcoming all-in-one walking, jogging, running session where you will burn several calories, tone up your body and lose the belly fat and more.
Join other fun loving mums and find motivation, direction and support within the group. Join Fit2Run where you will find a group of women from all walks of life with one common goal and get a great workout whilst having fun!!!
If you want to exercise in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you without worrying about travel or childcare then 1-2-1 training is for you. If you want to exercise in the great outdoors take in the view and fresh air whilst you exercise then fatblast and Fit2Run are for you. There is something for everyone so call me now.


Rebecca Oladele


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