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Chocolate Mint & Strawberry Pie Soaps Good Enough To Eat! @WhispersofCountry

It’s Mother’s Day soon in the U.S. What a time to give mom a unique soap or two. Do take a peak at our ‘Signature Soaps at Chocolate Mint Soap

Actiderm - Gaynor Wells

4 ways to beautiful skin with Actiderm – Gaynor Wells

Actiderm brings the Spa into your home. Fantastic anti aging products, mineral make up, slimming and inch loss. We all have specific concerns from puffy eyes to breakouts, wrinkles, sagging skin and sooner or later, general aging, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to address every concern. All ActiDerm treatments are highly concentrated and use the most advanced technologies to speed up absorption and increase performance.

Salix Alba Anti-Ageing

“We take the gift of natural Salicin from nature, and infuse the pure water with our potent, naturally active ingredients, to produce for you an anti-ageing formulation of excellence.”


Put Some Zing into Your Spring with Organic Surge

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal, and our skin, hair and bodies are no exception. So why not put some “zing in your spring”, and have a look at all the fabulous offerings that “Organic Surge” have for the spring months.

Aloe Vera Cream

Aloe Vera Anti Ageing Cream

Aloe Vera – A.L.O.E. – ‘A Little Of Everything’

Look like a seductive temptress with the Valentine special makeup. Dressed in your highest stilettos, sporting your most daring dress, all you need is this one last touch – Lustful Make Up.

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