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Is your diet sufficient in vital nutrients?

Is your diet sufficient in vital nutrients?

Many of you may answer “yes” and could be wrong to jump to such conclusions! Insufficient intake of vital vitamins, minerals and fatty acids very often could have a profound impact on your health and eventually lead to chronic diseases.

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The working mum’s guide to relaxation @BedstarUk

In today’s modern world, the 2014 mummy has a lot more on her plate than days of yore, struggling to juggle raising a family and keeping down a job to pay the bills.

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How to sell your weight loss product fast and confidently. @IrinaOmelkova

The festive season is over and the time for weight loss and wellness products is hot, yet for some marketers it will not work again and again. The advertising allowance being washed-out, every instruction being followed, hard work 24/7 being carried out, but your dream income goal is still far away?

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On Guard – the Natural Flu Shot @IrinaOmelkova

Today I was approached by a wellness company distributor with a business proposition. We had a chat: – Tell me something exiting about your products, I asked her. Tell me WHY I would want to suggest your products for my clients and for the public?


Top 10 tips for stress management

Whether it is caused by pressure at work, by a specific event or by family commitments stress will affect most of us at one time or another…

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Discover The Power Of Positivity @PositivPublici

Why not enhance your life by exploring the Power of Positivity. Come along to learn, laugh and enjoy the luxurious surrounding of Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort.

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