Is your diet sufficient in vital nutrients?

Many of you may answer “yes” and could be wrong to jump to such conclusions! Insufficient intake of vital vitamins, minerals and fatty acids very often could have a profound impact on your health and eventually lead to chronic diseases.

Digital investigation of your food diary, used by leading nutritionists worldwide can provide you with an accurate advise and may help to correct vital shortages; strategically and in a short period of time.

Join us on 2nd of July 2014 between 7pm-9pm for a short talk and your own nutritional test FREE of charge.


Introduction to Essential Oils – dōTERRA’s 100% pure essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial essential oils for your health available today. 

Do not forget to bring your 3 day FOOD DIARY (do not try to impress us, just log in everything you have eaten for 3 days before attending and see real results that can help change your life). Have a look at the examples below. This is a real client’s assessment. They look after  themselves very well and thought their diet is perfect. The assessment showed a different  picture.


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3, Cawnpore St,

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